What is the best Sleep Position

Your sleep position makes a massive impact on your quality of sleep. Side Sleepers, Back Sleepers, and Stomach Sleepers are the best sleep positions, however most people tend to identify with more than one position, everyone has a preferred position.

Side Sleeping:
Nearly 71% of people prefer side sleeping, which makes it the most popular sleep position. Now let’s look at some pros and cons of the most preferred sleeping position.

The people who most benefit from side sleeping are those who suffer acid reflux, back pain, sleep apnea, as well as pregnant women. Side sleeping helps prevent sleep apnea, acid reflux, and even snoring because it opens up your airways,and ensures head and neck alignment. Side sleepers should sleep on their left side specifically because you will see circulation improvement and digestion improvement due to the fact that most vital organs are on the left side.

Side Sleeping can put pressure on some of your organs such as the stomach and lungs, which can easily be solved if you switch up positions every now and then. The potential of increased shoulder pain, and arm numbness may also come from side sleeping.


Top 3 Mattresses for Side Sleeping:

Brentwood Home Oceano is one of the best mattresses out there for those who are side sleepers. Side sleeping is greatly catered to with the Brentwood Home Oceano due to its quick recovery due to its pocketed coil system, and medium plush top layer. Side sleepers do best with mattresses that favor towards the soft side, but with the oceano you receive great support and alignment which side sleepers also require. Brentwood Home offers a 365 night trial.
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Dream Cloud Mattress is another mattress that is strongly recommended for side sleepers. Side sleepers will instantly bask in the luxurious feel of the Dream Cloud Mattress, and with its 8 layer quality construction ensures that side sleepers will benefit from the great support and alignment, but also with the plush, cloud like top layers. Dream Cloud offers a 365 night trial.
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Puffy Mattress is the third mattress I would recommend for side sleepers. The Puffy Mattress cooling cloud layer is magical in its ability to conform to your body, and provide the optimal shape to suit your body type. Pressure point relief is another benefit that side sleepers will gain from the Puffy Mattress. Puffy offers a 101 night trial.
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Back Sleeping:

Just over 20% of people prefer identify as back sleepers. Now let’s look at the pros and cons of back sleeping !

Back sleeping greatly benefits your spine and neck alignment due to the neutral position. Back sleeping also helps prevent face wrinkles because your face won’t be pressed up on the pillow. Back sleeping will also reduce acid reflux due to the comfortable positioning. Back sleeping not only prevents facial wrinkling and sagging, but also breast sagging.

If you have sleep apnea, back sleeping is not recommended because it will put your tongue in a position to block your airways which promotes snoring. If your mattress isn’t providing sufficient alignment and support, back sleeping can potentially cause lower back pain as well.


Top 3 Mattresses for Back Sleeping:

Nectar Mattress is ideal for back sleeping and side sleeping, but we’ve decided to recommend it for back sleepers this time around. With it’s dense memory foam, and firm base layers, the nectar will ensure that you get ideal alignment and conforming for back sleepers. Back sleepers need the dynamic ability for a mattress to be soft enough on the top, yet firm on the base, and the Nectar Mattress is that answer for back sleepers. Nectar offers 365 night trial.
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The Casper Mattress is also one that works brilliantly for back sleeping and side sleeping. The pressure relieving conforming foam working in harmony with firm support layers makes the Casper Mattress a must try option for back sleepers (and side sleepers). Casper offers 100 night trial.
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Purple Mattress is a mattress that works incredibly well for back sleepers. The Purple Mattress top layer consists of a hyperelastic polymer purple grid that offers great pressure relief and feedback which helps your back and body stay aligned, which is ideal for back sleepers. Purple Mattress also features a solid base foam layer which gives back sleepers much needed support. Purple offers 100 night trial.
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Stomach Sleeping:
Around 7% of people prefer sleeping on their stomach. Now let’s look at the pros and cons of stomach sleeping!

The list of pros for stomach sleeping is a short one. The main (and really only) benefit you’ll receive from stomach sleeping is that snoring will be decreased due to your airways being more open in the stomach sleeping position.

Stomach sleeping promotes lower back pain because the position will remove your natural back alignment and curve. Your joints and organs will also receive more pressure resulting in increased aches and pains when you wake. The probability of face and body wrinkling is also greatly increased with stomach sleeping. If you are a stomach sleeper, try your best to switch up positioning every now and then (your body will thank you). To help make stomach sleeping more viable, place a pillow under your hips to give your body and spine improved alignment. Stomach sleeping should also be done primarily on a firmer mattress because it’ll help keep your body aligned.

Top 3 Mattresses for Stomach Sleeping:

Avocado Green Mattress works well if you spend some of your night stomach sleeping. The Avocado Green Mattress offers a non pillow-top and pillow-top version, with the main difference being that the pillow-top version is slightly softer, but we recommend both versions for stomach sleepers. The latex in combination with the coil base ensures that those who sleep on their stomach will get the proper alignment and support to keep the spine and body neutral. Avocado offers 100 night trial.
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Brentwood Home Cedar is a mattress that’ll work very well for stomach sleepers. This mattress is a hybrid which is comprised of latex and coils and provides a medium to firm feel and it’s also a mattress that you feel like you’re sleeping on (firm top) rather than inside of (sinking soft top). For stomach sleepers, the Brentwood Home Cedar is a very solid option because it’ll give your body the best chance to stay aligned and supported. Cedar offers a 365 night trial.
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Brooklyn Bedding Signature will work very well for stomach sleepers if you specifically go with the firm version. Stomach sleepers will feel great comfort with the Brooklyn Bedding Signature due to its hybrid construction and firm foam layers which will ensure your body doesn’t sink to deep into the mattress and that your body is in a constant neutral position.

If you are a stomach sleeper, we do advise you that you should try to switch up positioning every now and then, though we know it’s difficult. It’ll greatly benefit your body and sleep if along with stomach sleeping, you also throw in the other positions.

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