Layla Mattress Review

Spring & Hybrid: $399 – $899

Layla Mattress Review

Layla sleep offers one of the more unique mattresses within the online space, their mattress is made with copper infused memory foam, while having a layer of convoluted foam, which is similar to an egg crate shape. This mattress runs cooler than most mattresses and its double sided, so you definitely get your bang for your buck.

Construction of the Layla Mattress

Here is the construction of the 10.5” Layla Mattress

  1. 3″ top layer – copper infused memory foam- this will keep the mattress very cool throughout the night. A bit on the soft side.
  2. 2″ Second Layer –Convoluted support foam- this will provide great airflow within the mattress, thus keeping it nice and cool.
  3. 4.5″ Transition Layer – Base support foam- this will provide the stability of the mattress and will make sure you don’t bottom out while sleeping on the mattress, most foam mattresses have this for support.
  4. 1″ Base Layer –copper infused memory foam- this will keep the mattress very cool throughout the night. More on the firm side.

Layla Mattress Firmness/motion transfer/edge support

Firmness- The Layla Mattress has 2 different firmness levels depending on which way you flip the bed. When its on its soft side, it stands around a 4.5-5 out of 10 it’s quite soft. Back sleepers should enjoy it because distributes your weight evenly so you don’t sink in too much. When the Layla mattress is on its firm side its stands around a 6.5. It should work great for stomach sleepers because it provides enough support for your hips, all while having enough edge support for side sleepers.

Motion Transfer- On the soft side of the Layla mattress you can feel the motion transfer a bit, it’s not enough to repeatedly wake you up at night. On the firm side of the Layla mattress, you can barely feel any motion transfer or movement while moving, great for when you’re sleeping with someone else.

Edge Support- On the firm side of the Layla mattress there is good edge support, there isn’t all that much when you sleep on the soft side, though. Side sleepers should be just fine when sleeping on the firmer side of the Layla mattress.

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Layla Mattress Cooling/Off gassing

Cooling- The Layla mattress is by far the most cooling foam mattress I have tried. It has multiple layers of copper infused foam which helps transfer heat rapidly, while also having a convulted layer of foam which helps with airflow of the mattress. If you sleep warm at night, the Layla would be a very good fit.

Off Gassing- The Layla mattress has very little off gassing, it should almost all go away within 24 hours. After unpacking it, I would just let it lay in the open for a night.

How many years will the Layla Mattress last me?

The Layla mattress should last you anywhere from 10-12 years, the reason it should last you longer than other mattresses is because of its dual functionality. You basically get 2 mattresses out of it. Also, here’s a tip to help the mattress go even longer. If you rotate the mattress 180 degrees every 6 months you should maintain that same comfort for the next decade.

Layla Mattress Warranty/trial period

Warranty- Layla offers a lifetime warranty for the life of the mattress.

Trial Period- Layla offers a 120 night trial period, will take returns no questions asked.

Shipping- Layla offers free shipping.

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Price of Layla Mattress after discount

Size Price
Twin $399
Twin XL $499
Full $699
Queen $799
King $899
California King $899

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Summary of the layla Mattress

Overall the Layla mattress was really great. If you sleep warm at night, the Layla would be a great fit, it sleeps super cool. The dual firmness of the mattress is great as well, not only for the reason it’s two mattresses, but you can always choose the firmness that suits you best for the night. The mattress will work for all sleepers because of the 2 firmness levels it offers, for side and stomach sleepers the firmer side should work better, where the softer side should work better for back sleepers. The pricing of the mattress really good, being you basically get two mattresses.



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