How long should your nap last

Napping Overview and Benefits:

To live up to our name, we must talk about an incredibly pivotal subject; how long should you nap? Napping helps us regain lost sleep time. Napping is common amongst people of all ages as it works as a way for people with people who are busy, or unable to attain a full nights sleep.

Power Nap Benefits and Overview:

Power Naps which last up to 30 minutes work perfectly and give you increased energy and rejuvenation to help finish your day. The reason power naps are held up to a maximum of 30 minutes is because once you are napping past 30 minutes, you are considered to be entering the deep sleep mode. A lot of people will feel groggy after a nap that lasts past 30 minutes due to the entry in deep sleep mode. Power naps are mainly used for an extra boost to help you complete the day, and is not a nap form that replaces nighttime sleep.

Long Nap Benefit and Overview:

Long Naps are naps that last over 30 minutes because past the 30 minute mark, as mentioned above enters you into the deep sleep mode. 60 to 80 minute naps are ideal for improving memory, however you may feel groggy once you wake. These full-cycle long naps are best if you keep them around the 90 minute mark. The 90 minute nap is beneficial because you go through the entire sleep cycle of light and deep sleep, as well as REM. Improved mood, memory, and greatly reduced fatigue are the main benefits of long naps.


Not everyone has 90 minutes a day to nap, but if you are someone who does feel fatigued during the day, and require an extra energy boost, consider a power nap as it’ll benefit you greatly. If you are someone who has 90 minutes to spare, a long nap is the perfect way to go as you will feel incredibly rejuvenated, focused, and well rested.

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